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When will they FINALLY release Britney Spears real version of the Gimmie More video?
jive records made the director of the video cut out all the other scenes and reduced it to just the stripper pole clips. There is a grittier concept to the video but they have yet to release it. She should show it on her next tour or something
Spinning around a pole with a piece of fried chicken wasn't enough
Know this video clip? Bisexual Sean Cody?
I got it off limewire a few years ago. Maybe 5 guys on a couch, they seem strait, then a guy in a baseball cap comes in and goes down. There is also a blond girl that comes into help looks like maybe she is a stripper. I remember the words up all night or stay the night at end of video clip. Can Someone please help me to find this again!!!
sorry. i have no clue what you are talking about.
Stripper-clip speed loader?
Has anyone seen a product similar to this or developed a quicker technique? I am looking for some sort of a stripper-clip speed loader for 7.62x39. I have seen videos on YouTube on building one yourself, see link below. I did build one of these and it works pretty well, but I wonder is anyone has ever seen or developed a better product or process? Any and all feedback is appreciated.…

Thanks!! this says 7.62x 39
Strippers at Egyptian weddings?
Recently I saw a video clip of a stripper dancing at an Egyptian wedding. I was horrified for the bride. This, to me is very disrespectful. Is it true? Why?
I can understand having a good bellydancer to dance, but not a stripper. Where do the strippers come from?
in traditional weddings in egypt not all people bring a bellydancer in their weddings coz some people consider it disrespectful so to bring strippers i doubt that this wedding was in egypt
What happens at male strip shows?
I saw some video clips of male strippers in Britain. I was surprised at how much touching went on. The strippers were completely naked and women in the audience grabbed them by the penis. Also women were licking whipped cream directly off the strippers private parts. While this was happening their friends would take pictures! I thought "wow, Is this what usually happens at male strip shows??"
I went to a PT ShowClub in Colorado and watched male strippers. Unfortunately, this is NOT what happened. The men did come around and allow you to tuck a buck in their g-string and cop a free feel, but they never got totally naked.
Please help, I need advice regarding my husband?
My husband moved away from all of his family to another state to be with me & our guy (I am also pregnant). We had marital problems including past abuse (over 1 year ago), & extreme amounts of cheating on his part. He promised me the world & was doing very well this last week. He found employment quickly, & has been very supportive toward me & our guy. However, Saturday night he backslid. He was feeling antsy, & agitated. He left the house & went to a strip club. When he came home at 330 I saw video on his phone of him going out to eat with three girls he had met (they weren't doing anything but eating) & also several video clips from the strippers in the club. He promised me that he would never cheat on me again & that is why we got back together. I cannot just pack up my things & leave him because as I said he has a history of violence & although he has not harmed me in anyway in well over a year it is not easy to just up & leave. Am I overreacting I really need advice.
once an abuser always an abuser. that's just him and your never going to change that. he should not be at a resturant with 3 girls when your at home pregnant. are you guyding me. he sounds like a complete a...hole. you should never trust him. he will cheat on you again without a doubt. he probably did already don't think of excuses for a man like this, get out. he's dangerous. there is always a way to remove yourself even though it might be hard. don't put your new baby at risk please!!!you will find happiness without a person like this once you make a decision to kick him out
Do you think it would be easier for a totally straight or bisexual guy to be a stripper star in a gay club?
I was watching a video about strippers, one in particular, who was 100% hetero and works in a gay bar. The clip had him pretty much fondled and people shoving cash in his little to nothing of a bikini. And I was wondering, if a guy was hetero, would this just be 'another day at the office' or would it be easier to have some sort of attraction to your clientele. Say being bi, or would it just be easier to have no attractions at all, and how would a straight guy put up with a bunch of guys grabbing his junk non stop?
Straight guys are just hotter. That's just how it works.
Whats the name of this eminem song?
Does any one remember a eminem song/video clip where
he has a stripper girl all over him and he kicks her out of his room.
and hes at the bar with 2 girls one either side and they are talking about his tattoo and how they love his daughters name...
we are fighing over the song title lol...

thanks all
umm I think superman
Question about strippers etc?
Ok, now I've never had a problem with my bfs going to strippers. I figured they are just naked women, that can dance and look nice. My previous bfs were never big on them anyway, and would go along to stag nights with mates and that was fine with me. They never went on their own accord. One of them never would even step into a strip club.

A male friend (who is 23, and a virgin) talked about how great they are but he find it wierd being in a room full of guys 'turned on'.

Now, a few different guys, including exes always volunteered the info to me that although they think that strippers are 'nice' it doesnt actually 'do anything;' for them and they can be turned on by that site but not actually have a hard on. Same with watching video clips of girls in bikinis they said they like the look because they are male but they are not that 'sensitive' that they would automatically get hard.

Now I'm wondering, what is the difference between the ones that do and ones that don't? Guys, do you find it wierd being in a room fulkl of guys turned on like that?
Do you find you are or aren't that sensitive?

Thanks! =o)
generally, men like strip clubs for these reasons and these reasons only:
1) they get to see hot naked chicks
2) it makes them feel like "the man" because thye like to think the stripper is dependant on him alone for her income
3) its fun for them to relax with male buddies when the only girls around are naked, hot, and draping themselves on him. strippers dont nag or complain. they act like the ideal woman.

dont get upset that hes going to strip clubs unless he becomes a strip club junkie or starts blowing you off to be at the club
Friendship/Relationship/One Sided "Love", was I right to walk away from this girl?
2 months ago I helped sell a girl's car online. A few days after helping with the car, I helped with a small video clip for an acting job. We became close quickly, her coming over to my house, eating dinner with my family, we'd then sit at the PC and work (we both work for ourselves), whisper to each other, I'd caress her leg while talking.

She then let me into her line of work as a stripper and I started driving her to jobs.

Things got ever so slightly sexual between us, just one time when I was rubbing toothpaste into a spot on her bum my touching led to another area.

As time passed, I was getting more and more involved in helping her with work: Driving, photographs etc.

What was emotional + a little bit of physical, became work, work, work. 3 days ago I ended it all. I was pushing her away with my need for some kind of commitment, everything evolved around her and it was making me ill. Me there for her, not her there for me. Girl has lots of problems.

Was I right?
when you got involved with her you knew her line of work remember everyone has baggage coming into a relationship it's a matter of how much baggage you are willing to endure

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