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What is the latin rap song called it has the same beat as **** face by too short?
its the latin rap song....the original is by too short and the song is **** face
Could you translate it in latin?
could you translate this in latin please.

"**** life"


:::::my friend wants to have a tattoo
Ah, Latin obscenities. It's one of the most interesting parts of the language. Not only is it the root of most Romance languages' cuss words, but it's also found a lot in the writings of Catullus.
Although I am no expert in the modern use of Latin profanity, considering that the ancient Romans had a very different outlook on sex and vulgarity than we do, this would make an interesting tattoo and I would translate it like this:

"Life" is "vita, vitae" (a first-declension word), and it will be used in the accusative case. The verb (which I'm guessing is "to f*ck") will be in the subjunctive mood. Now, deciding on the verb is where it gets tricky. "Futuo, futuere" (third conjugation) means "to f*ck" but it means more like literal sexual intercourse, so I'm not sure how this would work out.
I think it'd be hilarious to see a sentence like "Futue te ipsum et matrem tuam!" ("F*ck you and your mother!"), but for this case, I would say "Futue vitam."

So, if you didn't want to read my long-winded explanation of the grammar, I would advise to write it like this: FUTUE VITAM.
I want to switch out of my Latin class?
My Latin teacher is HORRIBLE both personality wise and teaching wise. I can't ******* stand her and neither can ANYONE else in the class. I have a bad grade because she just has no idea what the **** she is doing. Latin is an elective, so it's not a required class. What I want is to just switch to another elective class durinf the periods that I currently have Latin, WITHOUT the rest of my sceduale being effected or changed around. This teacher already has a bad reputation and a lot of students have complained but didn't get their parents involved, except for one whos mom called to get her switched out but I don't think her mom was pushy enough so the school said no.

If my parents call and ask and argue and bug the school a lot, it will work right? I asked some other teachers and they said that parents have a lot of power. They also agree that the latin teacher is really stupid and crazy. I have it on fridays and wednesdays and I will NOT go again on wednesday. What should my parents say/do to get me switched out (without the school messing up the rest of my sceduale) by wednesday? also would the school tell the latin teacher that my parents complained? help
Latin is a good subject to take because although you will probably never use it in real life, it teaches you problem-solving and trains you to focus. It acts as a mental work-out. It also teaches you grammar, which is rarely taught nowadays as part of English lessons. I took it and I'm glad that I did.

So it's a shame if you ditch it just because of the teacher. If she genuinely is a bad teacher and it is not just a personality clash, then do get your parents involved, and those of other pupils. The school would have to take notice then. Otherwise you are just wasting time. You might as well have spent that hour of your life reading a magazine. As teachers say, it's your own time that you're wasting!
Racist latinos against blacks? claims to be a latin king?
first of all. i know being latino isnt a race and there are black latinos.
i am a person off jamaican/cuban descent.
and this is what was said to me.
"***** get deleted you slutty as skank black *** ****** go pick my cotton hoe"

all i done was say hi. then i got total rudeness back!
and this guy says he's a latin king. he's a dark skinned cuban...very dark....darker than me and quite evidently has some black ancestry in him.
i replied back
"o **** you! thats how you be treatin other cubans. **** you! and you a king too! psssht! you should be ashamesd. thats not the way a king would talk. go **** yourself."
he then replied back
"***** **** yo **** ***** you ain't cuban or king ***** get the **** out mah face bigga 5 Point^^ niggga"
i'm appauled by this! why would someone say this?
it makes me feel sick! why is it i've faced more racism online and none what so ever in 'real life'
and a real true latin king would not speak to someone like that without a true good reason! Im somewhat friends with other kings and never would they speak to me like that...infact they're the most friendly people i've came accross and give advice..they're generally good people deep down.
I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

There is alot of racism out there and even though he was dark skinned and may have had black ancestry. He may not associate being part black as being part of his heritage. Regardless of him being Cuban, unfortunately there are many people out there who hate being black/part black to such an extent that, they will do and say anything. To not be associated with black people, including racist remarks.
There are many dark skinned people in the world who aren't black.

Your complexion is irrelevant. There are many light skinned black people some who are so light that they could easily pass for white and they still experience what you have, for being Black.
Why is my Latin family so perverted!?is it the cuture?
ok i am 19 now raised by a family of cubans and puerto ricans. i am proud, dont get me wrong, the thing is. Why are they always thinking about sex, and talking about it, whenever i got out with a girl and i get home the first thing they ask me is "did u **** her?", i am sorry, they al think i am a lose and make fun of me because, i rather take my time with relation ships, they want me to be like them, having 4 guys with different man, or woman, why is it like this, they all listen to regaeton and salsa, they dance with who ever they want and then if someone;s girl dances regaeton wiht another guy a fight breaks out, but isnt that what regaeton is? to dance? then why ******* fight? i am tired of my family, i have been having sex since i been 8 yes, my oldest female cousins, well u kno. yet i am not happy about this! my puerto rican family are to flirty, my aunt has a different boyfriend every day? her daughter is 13 turning 14 and has a daughter!!!! i am really quiet, barely speak, they say i am a emotinal freak and what ever ( i am sorry i am not so out going as them) at least i am succesfull in life, and i am sorry, i know a lot of people i mea i knwo the whole miami! and everyone is just like that!! very few families are normal, i just cant seem to find the reason why latin woman love to be exploited like that? they call them whores, beat them! yet they love the man, the worse you treat them the more they love you!, is it masochism? my mom loves regaeton and perreo especially the lirycs and i am so sad! cus i love my mother, it hurts me to see her being treated as a ******* whore! what is wrong wiht this world, plz answer, i know i am a little too old to feel this way, but my ******* family brings me down, what i think is right is wrong! am i suppose to **** and disrespect woman? make them pregnant? beat them? i dont know what to do anymore, my uncle goes to school, hialeah high and flirts with 15 years old girl while he is 28! i see all these cuband guys listening to regaeton with these slutty as girls, they are always fighting because of affairs! what is wrong please tell me, i am not being stereotype! but i tell what i see, is the world sick, what should i do! i cant stop respecting woman, i can t call them whores! i cant pull theyr hair whie dancing perreo! ugh i feel sick, well i am happy with my girlfried, so far, i dont need my sick family.... srr for typing so much, i am just lost, i dont know what to think.... thank u
Wow! First let me say that I do not think it is a cultural thing. I know a Porto Rican and his family vary well. It seems like the jerks in his family (his grandfather abused his wife and assaulted his daughter, and his father left the family when he was 1 and his sister was 2 or 3) are married into the family, not born into it.(they both happened to be white)
I love the fact that you say you respect women. Women are to be respected. I'm no fiminatzi, but believe a man should treat a woman as an equal. I also see no fault in a man giving preferential treatment to a woman, especially if she is his mother,sister, or wife. There is nothing degrading about a man opening a door for a woman, or offering her his seat on a crowded bus, and most certainly nothing wrong with taking your time in a relationship. If people gave more thought to who they were screwing around with there would be less violence (particularly the domestic kind, less teenage pregnancy, fewer abortions, and a host of other problems would all be solved or a least lessened. Good for you for questioning something that just doesn't fell right for you even though it goes against the norm in your family. Don't let anyone tell you that you are a freak.
A latin song from Miami Spanish radio.?
If you're From miami and listen to spanish radio like classica 92.3, el nuevo sol 95.7 and Mega 94.9 answer me this, can someone tell me the name of this latin song, it sounds portuguese, or arabic, possibly a mixture between the the two, I don't know I only speak Eng. and Spanish. The singer is female, and the melody goes like this da-da-dada, da-da-di-da-dada, da-da-da-da-da-da-da-daaaaaaaThe beat after it is from the accoridan, ( the. It's from 2009 to mid 2010 possibly earlier (but at least start form there). The melody before that is da-di-dadadada da-di-da-di-da-di-da-di-daaaa (beat--ba-ba-bababa (this beat is from the accordian)). This melody (including the accordian) repeats about 2x or 3x before hitting the next melody (from above). It's been bothering me since I gradutaed from high school, I tried seacrhing for it but **** it's hard. If whoever can search for this, you should preferably got to 94.9 just in case. Thank you if you find it. Julio L.
I am going to do a search for you, and if I find something I will add to my post, but YOU should check with the radio station you listen to. Many times their list of songs go back a long time.

Your radio station should have a website.

You might be able to find it on one of these links:

Check this out:…

And this, you can download them:

What would happen if the US military did not intervene in Latin and Southern American politics?
I am very interested in Latin America's history, as well as South America's... And I've discovered a constant within all the revolutions and wars throughout Latin America's bloody history...
The United States backed several dictators, who began to violate countless human rights violations AND murder thousands...
Augusto Pinochet- Chile
Jorge Rafael Videla- Argentina.... Operation Condor backed by FBI
Anastasio Somoza- Nicaragua
Fulgencio Batista- Cuba

I have a simple question...What the ****? Why did we allow this to happen? Was it because we were so horrified of communism? Political propaganda at its finest...let's through out the liberal, leftist, Marxist and replace him with a ruthless dictator...

I'd like to hear some of your opinions on this. Did the US government do what was right or did they do the opposite?
The outdated Monroe Doctrine will explain it. The US got jealous of (then colonizing and warring) European countries stealing Latin American resourses, and wanted to steal the resources themselves. So, the Monroe Doctrine provided the "war resource" for the US to lock out thieving European countries.

The practice of locking out European invaders is outdated, however, as European invaders no longer exist. Only the US invader exists today. The US backs whatever dictator forks over Latin American resources to rich class US.
Do you think school should teach more then spanish and french classes?
I have to learn a language, but who the **** says I want to learn Spanish. Too common and quite frankly, I hate the culture and language. (My oppinion)

French however, I hear nobody speaking it and I again cannot stand their culture tho it does sound cool when they speak.

My mother said they had latin when she was there...o.o

I want japanese. It is getting WAY more popular than french, and again, NO SPANISH ****!
Think of how useful it will be. Japanese is useful for business. 33% of the world speaks French. I with you on Spanish! Latin improves your English vocabulary. Maybe your school offers more languages online!

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